We have been manufacturing and exporting superior quality chess sets for last 3-4 decades. It is our devotion and intense study towards the development of designs that we offer you the distinctive and excellent chess.

Getting world class chess sets directly from manufacturer, without the number of intermediary link of dealers in supply chain means that you would be paying less price than the chess sets you’ll get in department stores. 
We value your hard earned money!!

We are open for custom chess set, if you have any requirement of chess sets in some design that you would like to have it for you, but only in large quantities then CONTACT US.

At chessncrafts.com, we offer you a wide range of stunning and beautifully carved, worth treasuring chess sets in number of wood combination like ebony wood/boxwood, Rose wood/ boxwood, sheeshamwood/ boxwood and boxwood as Ebonised 

Each piece in Premium Chessmen series is perfectly hand carved with either shiny gloss Lacquer or polish that makes a piece look elegant. These pieces are weighted and felted with either leather base pad or with billiards cloth pads according to their designs that adds stability and grace to the chess set also helps in preventing scratches on the fine wooden chess board, thus increases the life of the chess set.

It takes long hours by our proficient craftsmen who put in their endeavor in making a single chess set. Superior skills of craftsmen make the chess pieces and chessboards look astonishing and just perfect to enhance the beauty of your room.
Making it a life long acquisition!!

Along with the wooden collection of chess sets, we have collection in brass, bone and soapstone. The apparent natural color of soapstone and carved soapstone chessmen are real elegant ones.

Bone chess series 
-Earlier the chess pieces were also made from Ivory but now the Camel Bone is used as its substitute because of Prohibition on use of Ivory under Wildlife Acts.
The chess pieces made from camel bone (around some 100 years old bone) gives the fantastic appearance to the chess set that one feel like treasuring it for lifetime. Our collection of Bone chess sets in extra ordinary one, as we have for those chess lovers, chess pieces made from Camel bone with the Top most Artistic work done on it that you’ll not find it anywhere else at such an unbeatable price (Tower Bone Chess Pieces).

A Series of Brass Metal Chess pieces is a recent addition in our collection of chess sets. This series have chess pieces right from highly artistic chess pieces depicting the Indian armies to the ones representing the Staunton design and French designs and many more.

The Indian Maharaja series has a Royal touch of Artistic Indian Culture, here Maharaja means ‘The great Indian King’. The chess pieces represents and depict the Indian Kings and their armies some hundreds and thousand years back. The specials ones are Painted Maharaja chess set; Undercut Maharaja chess set and many more. A very special care is required to pack these sets, so we have for this series the special Chess storage Box with separate space for each piece .

The other fantastic and supreme crafted chessmen set is The GREAT ALEXENDER AND THE INDIAN KING PORAS.This theme has a historic story and therefore we made a special set based on this theme for more details click on the item from the categories list.

A series of Magnetic chess set with super magnetic power in every chess piece. These are specially meant for playing while traveling to ensure stability on bumpy roads and in flights. Wide range of sizes from 5”x5” to 12”x12” in Magnetic chess sets series are available to suit the different requirements of chess players. The smallest size of magnetic chess set is known as pocket chess set with size of 5” x 2.5” when folded and it unfolds into 5”x5” can be easily slip in a pocket or a carry bag.

The wooden chessboards hand carved in India made from the finest woods in different sizes and different wood combinations. Ebony and boxwood being the most expensive combination looks terrific with Ebony and Boxwood chess pieces, simply is the first choice of upper class. The next in the series is the Rosewood and Boxwood combination available in all the sizes,. The natural grains of Beautiful Rosewood are quiet evidence of our obsession for quality, that we use woods after thorough selection.

Apart from these top most categories, we have in our collection other games like Backgammon; Two in one Game is the combination of two games- chess and Backgammon in one set available in different sizes.

Another Similar concept Game set is Five In One game, again a combination of 5 games in just one set, this is available in only one size. We can also make it in different sizes on special order as per your requirement.
All items are up to the mark!!

We give equal importance to the packing of the products we deal in, beautifully packed in storage chess box to prevent the valuable chess set from scratches and breakages.
At chessncrafts.com, you’ll get what you want; just name it and we have it for you – on special order.

All this making chess a perfect, memorable and beautiful item to be gifted to your nears and dears and suitable for all age groups.

“Chess liked by Generations……..
..…will continue to be liked by many generations to come”

Puneet Malhotra
CEO / Founder

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Prem Malhotra
Marketing Director

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